Not sure how to price? 20%-30% of the retail price is a good starting point - but remember supply and demand - so name your price. On Rent My Wardrobe, you have full autonomy to set your own rental rate and cleaning price. We suggest 20-30% of the retail value for items under $500, and 5-15% for more expensive items. As the retail value increases, the rental percentage typically scales down.  

So for example, a $300 retail dress may rent for $75, while a $75 top could rent for $20, but a $2,000 gown may rent for $200. Use common sense in setting a fair market cleaning fee and replacement rates. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself “how much would I pay to rent this for an event?” Use your gut!

Additionally, if you need help pricing your item, we recommend using our smart pricing listing feature. Simply switch smart pricing on, type in your items retail price and your rental price is determined for you.